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What a great Review of the C-2Pets Dog Nail Clipper


What a great Review of the C-2Pets Dog Nail Clipper

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5.0 out of 5 starsVery good clippers
By Southern Mississippi VINE VOICE on January 8, 2016
Nail clipping is important for your dog’s health and well being. It’s also important in terms of preserving your own sanity. Those sharp puppy nails can rip your skin, especially if you are older. It’s also important for your pet’s well being that they are cut properly (not too short) and being able to SEE what you are doing is critical. Often, I see people battling with the other style of nail cutter because it is so readily available. They are terrible–you cannot clearly see what you are doing in terms of where you are about to cut, and before you know it, you have a bleeding nail, a crying dog, and a bigger mess than you ever imagined possible. (A nail cut too short can bleed very profusely.) This style is much easier to use, easier to see to use, and safer for all parties concerned.

I can’t recommend these highly enough. Their inauguration occurred with us clipping our granddog’s nails. She’s 9 months old, and has nails that are as sharp as a razor. I did not want to traumatize her–I already have a dog that is terrified of the clippers (not from me, but from a grooming experience) and starts SCREAMING at the sight of them (she’s a big dog too.) I did not want to do that to this puppy since I will likely be the nail cutter for her entire lifetime. (Her dog mama is sight impaired.) It was a breeze. She got her nails cut so that I wasn’t bleeding every time she wanted attention (she’s a doxie mix.) She was happy the entire time, as she was being petted (one of her favorite things) and getting attention (another favorite thing) while her nails were being cut (not so favorite but it wasn’t scary because each nail clipped cleanly and easily) they are sharp enough to do the job.

I’m very glad I got these clippers. They are far higher quality than the old ones I had bought from a pet store, and are sharper than that pair was even new.

I did purchase these clippers with a promotional discount in exchange for my honest review. All of my reviews are always my honest opinion.

Bath Time

The past few days it has been warmer in Utah. That means we can take Daze on longer walks without her freezing her buns off. Which also means she is pretty dirty. It’s bath day. Instead of ru…

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Who is next – Is it a Victorian Bulldog?

I have always wondered how people choose the sort of dogs they accept into their household. I guess there must be many reasons, some positive and some negative.

We are not breeders, or show dog people, who specialize and stick with one or two breeds. I can honestly say that the dogs in the Coast Dragonfly Products pack have all been different. I can’t say that we have taken on a dog from a shelter (perhaps we should) but we have taken in waifs and strays from daughters (canine and feline).

We like dogs who are different and complement each other. All dogs have their plus and minuses, and complementary dogs are those breeds that tone down the negatives of another breed. But what I can say is that we have loved them all in their own ways, and miss them terribly when they pass on.

The next dog, I am reliably told by my wife, is likely to be a Bulldog. We looked after Cooper, in the photo, for a year while my daughter was training for the military. He is not only the Coast Dragonfly Products mascot but also features on the C-2Pets Quality Dog Nail Clipper.

The Victorian Bulldog is a fine variant of the bulldog clan. Smaller and less prone to tubbiness, but with all the loving characteristics of the Old English Bulldog. I also think that they have a longer life span too. Unfortunately they are not so common in North America. A Bulldog is an idela complement to the Yellow Labrador and the Newfoundland/ Yellow labrador mix who is currently the senior citizen.Bulldog face facebook

The Professional Grade C-2Pets Dog and Cat Nail Clippers

This is a brand new product that really helps the person who trims their dog nails at home to do the job safely, quickly and cheaply.

 Here you can see a great little video: just look at those features!

Check out the Coast Dragonfly products website for this product:!pet-nail-clipper—dogs-and-cats/th28l

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