Trim your Dog’s Nails frequently?


February 16th 2016

Your dog is an important member of your family. He is your pride and joy, and you want to keep him healthy and happy, right? This often involves quite an expense on your end, with food, vet care, kennels, etc. The cost is staggering, with yearly expenses numbering in the billions for Americans. However American owners often forget one important thing that can undo a lot of this care and expense.

It’s a dog’s life. He gets to sleep on the couch, gobble down the scraps from supper, and drags you around in the cold. Remember, though, that dogs should be active. They need more exercise than a quick trot around the backyard. They need to run around and play, and jump, and generally be a dog. This is great for their emotional health, as well as making sure they stay fit, but it also takes care of a major concern that often gets overlooked: their nails. In the city this can be a bit tougher than in the country.

The ASPCA warns that their toenails and claws need to be properly trimmed and maintained in order for the dog to have a good quality of life. Dogs who don’t have regular trimming and clipping on their nails are more prone to torn nails, which leads to infection and possibly surgical removal in some cases. Moreover, if a dog’s nails aren’t clipped, they grow too long, and can lead to ingrown nails that will also lead to infection and possible surgery.

Additionally, a dog needs regularly clipped nails in order to walk properly. If they are too long, pooch will have to change his way of movement, which leads to pain and stress in his muscles and joints. He’ll be prone to slipping and falling, meaning more vet bills for you, and more discomfort for your dog.

No matter how you choose to look at it, you dog needs to have his nails clipped regularly, especially if he is older or sick. You can choose to get it done professionally, or you can take the job on yourself for a personalized touch. If this is the case, make sure you get good quality, professional clippers for your dog, like the C-2Pets Dog Nail Clippers .   They are easy to use with detailed instructions to ensure your dog’s safety and comfort. Both of you will benefit from this experience, and it guarantees that your dog will have a better quality of life from start to finish. Take your dog’s health into your own hands.


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